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At Complete Chain, we provide Digital Solutions for enterprises and institutions (both public and private). Not only do we offer Hosting services, we also develop your website (using Drupal) and your mobile app. Thus, enhancing the business processes, increase ROI, and decrease the total cost of ownership (TCO).

At Complete Chain, we manage all of your IT infrastructure needs and make sure that our clients get the latest & up to date IT services to help your organization achieve its business goals.

Here at Complete Chain, we offer you our extensive knowledge & expertise in increasing your audience and traffic augment. We know how to attract the right audience to your site and help you increase the reach of your Social Media posts

At Complete Chain, we listen, think & create. We listen to your ideas, think about how to bring your identity to the light in colors and shapes, and create it using the latest tools.

Our Work


Complete Chain initiated the IREX project by assessing their business needs, identifying the solution, and developing a goal-oriented plan. The site value along...

The Arab Board Of Health Specializations

Complete Chain initiated the Arab Board of Health Specialization project by assessing their business needs, identifying the solution, and developing a goal...


Complete Chain implemented RASED project by identifying their business needs, determining the solution, and developing a goal-oriented plan. Our first step was...

We serve clients from different industries, whether you need a corporate website or governmental, news or commerce website, we do it! We have served clients by implementing complex systems and integrations to help facilitate their work process.


Not only do we create, We Innovate! Complete Chain is a market-leading provider of web solutions.By adopting Drupal's latest technologies, we set our eyes on a bright future with human behavior as our sword and open-source as our shield.

Our Blogs

Raymond Loewy (the French-American industrial designer) once said: “The main goal is not to complicate the already difficult life of the consumer”. (Merci beaucoup Ray, life is already hard as it is *Sniffle.. Sniffle*) With the release of Drupal 9, many features were introduced. If you haven’t checked them o… Read More
During the Covid-19 pandemic, many of our habits have changed. For example, the eternal and most sacred practice of holding your wife’s hand in a mall has changed. It sounded romantic at the time but it was purely economic. Not to forget about social distancing. Now that the world is heading towards online sh… Read More

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