The Number One CMS for Large Corporations, What is it?

The Number One CMS for Large Corporations, What is it?

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The Number 1 CMS for Large Corporations
Jan 08,2019

On the international level, there are many well-known global brands that rely on one CMS: take for example Tesla, BBC, the US government or NASDAQ. All of these corporations and organizations have their own business objectives but the end goals of these large corporations are remarkably similar: they all need to connect with their customers and Drupal CMS does it all for them. Today we will discuss the number one CMS for large corporations.

It’s clear why you should choose one CMS for all your presence online as a large corporation from any industry, you might have 20+ content management systems and choosing only one is your rational choice to move forward in your vision and here we will discuss why large corporations choose Drupal as the go for platform. Being a large corporation requires multiple systems, technologies and websites and many human experts for each technology, why not choosing one technology, one platform that does it all for you so you can have more control on your overall technology and security.

Build or Assemble

Challenges in development arise always and being a large corporation, overcoming these challenges yourself through custom development internally might be hard that’s why you need support from the core team other members of the community of Drupal as it gives you the advantage of not having to have all the expertise to build these complex things yourself but at the same time you can control your own destiny. You might need to launch a number of sites and Drupal has the capability of being the single platform that does it all for you. You need an SEO friendly, content reuse, responsiveness on all devices and compliance with GDPR and also making sure that you are protected from a cyber security perspective.

Why They Choose Drupal?

Large enterprises and NGOs are increasingly relying on drupal to reach their audience, they are already using Drupal CMS as fully-fledged platform to build relationships with their customers. It’s becoming recognized for the enterprise level. Drupal’s greatest power lies in the unification of content, community and commerce onto one single platform. A great platform helps marketers to gather all of a corporation’s content into one environment. And you can use that environment to deliver content to your end user through multiple channels whether that is a website on a computer, an app on your smartphone. The content will reach the end user at the right time and in the right context. Drupal is able to do all of this.

Multi-channel Experience

It’s not a question of technology, but a question of business wants and needs. Drupal allows you to deliver a multichannel experience across many brands in multiple countries, with different languages. The discussion whether Drupal is the best technology and how it works isn’t always to the point. Drupal has been around for nearly two decades now and we’ve seen an organic growth of businesses that now make up an entire Drupal ecosystem.

Open Source

Of course Drupal is free, open source at its core anyone can start downloading without licensing cost and just code away. There are a million environments and services built around Drupal that are focused on organizations and businesses alike. There are platform specialists, Drupal integrators, companies who provide training and consulting services, and many more, Complete Chain offers many drupal services including implementation and training. It’s because of this complete package that companies can rely on Drupal as their digital experience platform safe in the knowledge that they are well-supported by these community-backed tools and services.

Drupal Future

Drupal 8 which comes equipped with plenty of new features both for back-end developers as for marketers and content editors who rely heavily on the front-end. To give an example: marketers can now use in-place editing to edit pages directly. And back-end developers can create so-called paragraphs to build pages in a flexible way allowing the marketers in turn to take matters in their own hands and create their own custom landing pages. This of course implies a considerable productivity boost for both IT and marketing departments.

Decoupled Architecture

Drupal is built on decoupled architecture which means that the back-end and front-end are separated. This enables us to use Drupal as a true content management system that you can use to spread content across many kinds of channels. Take for example a development team that is working on a mobile app with certain content it is very easy to request that content via the web service and display it on a website. That decoupled build is what makes Drupal truly multichannel it’s one of the core features of the platform.


Another main advantage of Drupal’s setup is that it very scalable both at its core as well via additional third-party platforms. This enables a set-up that is both secure and scalable. Check our They have a Drupal website that receives millions of requests every single day they simply can’t afford to have any sort of delay or other hiccups on their digital environment.

Giving Back

For example Pfizer, one of the world's premier biopharmaceutical companies, they use drupal as their main platform and contribute back to the community and have a solid profile. In contribution they talk about not forking modules one of the reasons for that is if you fork a module it becomes very difficult to upgrade that module in case of a security patch or something like that being necessary so this is why they track some of these things in build quality of sites because when a security patch inevitably does come out every Wednesday their team does monitoring to see what's going to come out so that they can quickly inspect the entire platform understand the impact across the platform and then take mitigating actions.


Drupal has been around for quite some time and has showed great power and flexibility to be implemented for complex workflows and sites for large corporations. We at Complete Chain has implemented many complex successful projects using Drupal CMS that are active on the web and being maintained. Need help on your next project? Request a quote here and subscribe to our newsletter for fresh content about the world of web development.

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