Veeam is the number 1 Backup and recovery for any app, any data, across any cloud. It offers simple, reliable, and flexible protection for all of your cloud, virtual and physical workloads. 

Why you should use Veeam? 

  • Reliable backup

Achieve shorter backup times and reduce operational costs with unparalleled flexibility.

  • Fast recovery

Instant & lightning-fast restore for the files, virtual machines, and applications while ensuring low recovery time objectives.

  • Smart storage

Create fast backups and copies from snapshots by using hardware from nearly any storage provider, without lock-in.

  • Intelligent data re-use

Reuse your backup data to ensure security, compliance, recoverability, successful upgrades, and make smarter decisions.

  • Cloud/data portability

 Natively back up, recover, or migrate any workload to and from AWS or Microsoft Azure to keep your data safe from attack.

  • Secure replication

Use image-based replication and streamlined disaster recovery (DR) for increased speed, security, and availability.