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Have you ever thought about the efficient period for a software to be completed? Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks and sometimes it takes months! The way it goes depends on the product itself, on the required functions and also on how you are going to approach it. To get a working software product from an… Read More
It is known that all projects tend to have delays, risks, and un-prepared events, using major tools and techniques will make your project management much easier than before.  Since both project management tools and methodologies go hand-in-hand, it’s important to have in-depth knowledge in both of them. In t… Read More
Introduction What do you think about using emojis in social media marketing? Bring your mobile phone and have a quick look at your messages and social media accounts. I bet that posts with emojis did attract you first, right?  Emojis are a great tool to have in your posts’ plan, since they are very trendy now… Read More
Have you ever wondered what the “Human Resources” is? What does the Human Resources do? What are the differences between “Human Resources Development” and “Human Resources Management? The Human Resources are the ones who make-up the workforce of an organization, business sector or economy. This article talks… Read More
The term “Operations Management” refers to the active role in organizing and coordinating the main tasks that achieve the objectives of the institutions and organizations, It focuses on aligning the operations with the vision determined by the management thus achieving the desired aspirations and goals. This… Read More